River Leven Angling Club

Fishing Rules

Fishing is now COMPULSORY catch and release, ALL Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout must be returned unharmed to the river at all times.

Species; Salmon, Sea Trout and Brown Trout.  


Fishing for Brown Trout only
Fly only, no bait fishing or spinning.  Maximum 4lb line


No fishing within 50 metres of the bottom of every weir
No worm fishing.  This is a Forth Fisheries rule
No Fishing with set lines of any form
The use of live vertebrates as baits, sweetcorn, swim feeders, power bait, prawn, shrimp or worm
No lead core lines or super fast sinking lines to be used
No dogs with anglers
No fires
No static fishing at one point.  Anglers must cast and step down the pool

Catch & Release rules
All Atlantic Salmon, Sea-Trout and Brown Trout must be carefully returned at all times

All anglers must carry their permit and produce it when asked by the club bailiffs or committee members.

Season ticket, Season ticket holders must hand in or post a catch return for the season by the 14th of November.  This can be also done at the AGM in January.  Nil returns are also required.  Failure to do so will mean no permit issued for the next season.


Please be aware that river banks are hazardous – watch out for under cut banks.


Always wait to fish a pool from its head.

Always remove litter and old line.

Always stay about 15 metres from the next angler fishing down a pool.

Always respect property, access points and the privacy of people who live on or near the river.

It is recommended that all children under the age of 14 be accompanied at all times when fishing

All members and third parties who are granted permission to fish by the Club will do so at their own risk. The Club does not accept liability for loss, damage or injury.

Any ticket holder infringing any of the above Rules and Regulations shall forfeit his/her permit.  Suspension or forfeiture of an anglers permit may result if an angler acts unreasonably, aggressively or in an inappropriate manner towards Club Bailiffs or committee members .

Such forfeiture or suspension shall be subject to a Committee Inquiry 

Season Salmon and sea trout season 1st of Feb – 31st of October. Brown trout season 15th March – 6th of October